The other day I turned on the power to my home PC. Immediately, there was a *POP* (similar to the pop-pop fireworks) accompanied by a bright spark behind the CPU unit.

Pop-pop fireworks

The entire house plunged into darkness and I was momentarily stunned. Papa headed to the switch box, groped around and flicked on the circuit breaker. Power was restored and everything went back to normal.

Except the CPU.

I don’t know what caused the POP but I do know that we’ll have to send the PC in for repairs – the 2nd time we’ve done it in a month… haih

I’m hoping it would be just a minor problem, e.g. power surge killling off the power supply but leaving everything else (especially the HARDDISK) in working order.



3 responses to “POP!

  1. Do u require help from a MIS?

  2. were did you buy those stuff??

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