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Gran Torino

Gentle now, a tender breeze blows
Whispers through a Gran Torino
Whistling another tired song

Engines hum and bitter dreams grow
Heart locked in a Gran Torino
It beats a lonely rhythm all night long
It beats a lonely rhythm all night long
It beats a lonely rhythm all night long


A Lovely Love Story

Dedicated to the soon-2-be-wedded couple Jason & Ruth.
The story reminds me of her golden rule blog posts.
Scene in 1:03 reminds me of his remote control car, though i doubt he is in anyway obsessed over it  =)

**thanks CW for the link! ;-)

Linklings – Hot Issue of the Week

More reactions and commentaries (excerpts):

“Since different faiths have traditionally used “Allah” in this country, the government’s edict is in fact a signal that one community’s cultural traditions must take precedence over another. Worse, it’s indicating that it is the majority’s traditions and practices which are far more legitimate than the minority’s, driving yet another wedge between Malaysians.”


This reminds me of Sejarah in secondary school – zaman jahiliyah.

“…what’s stopping the Umno-led government from wanting to educate the ummah? Islam, after all, brought enlightenment to those who lived during zaman jahiliyah — the age of ignorance. If Umno is such a champion of Malay Muslims, why is it perpetuating this age of ignorance instead of educating Muslims while simultaneously respecting the rights of non-Muslims?”


Apabila fikiran terbuntu, saya berdoa kepada yang Maha Esa…

“Sebagai seorang Islam, hati kecil saya merasa bahawa sekarang kita hanya melihat wajah Islam yang penuh dengan kemarahan dan dendam. Dan saya memang buntu apabila berfikir bagaimana untuk mencari jalan keluar daripada kontroversi ini.”


A message to the PM…

“You couldn’t have asked for more perfect opportunity to prove that you are more than just a string of clever words. It was your chance to leave a legacy by uniting the nation to stand up against the real enemies – ignorance and fear.

Instead you did nothing, and by doing that, you turned us against each other.”–stephanie-sta-maria-


An appeal to Christians…

“Did Jesus not teach us to go beyond the letter of the law in our daily lives? Did he not tell us to do away with personal revenge? Did he not model his ministry base on love, care and empathy? Can you not find a compromise?”

and Muslims…

“…we need to stop being like a “katak di bawah tempurung.” Get to know the larger world of Islam and understand that in the middle-east even from the time of the Prophet, Jews and Christians call God, Allah. We must learn not to monopolized Allah or the Arabic language.”

Two thumbs UP!

Excellent story

Lovable characters

Heart warming



Brilliantly executed

Russell, the Japanese/Asian-American wilderness explorer

Russell, the chubby Japanese/Asian-American wilderness explorer

"My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you."

"My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you."

Pixar comes up with yet another gem.

Catch it. It’ll put a smile on your face.

It definitely did to mine.


The sun is still shining


Set during the tail-end of Hitler’s Nazi rule in Germany, the film is a gripping, moving, intense and inspiring account of Sophie Scholl, who was convicted of high treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich with her brother Hans. Being a foreign film – the movie was in German – it was good that the DVD we had came with English subtitles (I was told that some DVD versions are subtitle’less’) which made the storyline and dialogue easy to follow.


“Without law, there is no order. What can we rely on if not the law?” Mohr asks.
Sophie mildly replies,
“Your conscience. Laws change. Conscience doesn’t.”

I found the interrogation scenes between Sophie and the interrogator, Robert Mohr fascinating and engaging. Her initial I-had-nothing-to-do-with-it strategy eventually gave way to claiming responsibility for all that had taken place. Throughout the barrage of questions and heated ideological exchange, Sophie’s deep conviction, sharpness of mind and most of all, her fortitude shone out admirably – a definite far cry from the notion that ‘women are the weaker sex’, as remarked by Mr. Mohr to Sophie during their first encounter.

In a time where lies and propaganda were the order of the day, Sophie stood up for truth. More than that, she (along with her brothers and friends) sought to spread it to as many as she could being fully aware of the risks involved. She was prepared to face the consequence of her actions. There wasn’t going to be any compromise. In the end, she paid the price – with her life.

As Sophie is led into a courtyard, she says “The sun is still shining!”
She is brought to the execution chamber and placed in a guillotine.
The blade falls and the picture goes black.

The ending was grim yet imbued with a sense of hope. A hope rooted in her faith in God. A hope that everything was not in vain. That ultimate justice will prevail. That death is not final.

“Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with him. For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, he cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over him.” – Rom 6: 8 – 9

I’d encourage you watch it if you can. For a proper review, click here